Preity parties with Winfrey, returns with dented car

Jan 16, 2012 IANS

Mumbai, Jan 17 (IANS) It was an action-packed evening for B-town, thanks to a party to welcome international talk show queen Oprah Winfrey here.

Preity Zinta, who was on the star-studded guest list too, enjoyed the party, but it turned into a bad experience when her car ended up getting damaged due to paparazzi.

"Would have been a perfect evening until the press jumped all over the car n nearly got some1 killed n my car damaged n scratched.. Bachaao! (sic)," she tweeted after coming out of the party.

The damage to her car happened while she was on her way back home from the bash, which was organised by socialite Parmeshwar Godrej in honour of Winfrey, who is on her maiden visit to India. She landed here Monday.

"Broken side mirrors, dents n scratches on the car. Who 2 blame n who 2 catch? Of course, if some 1 from press got hurt it would b breaking news," wrote Preity.

"Anyway Guys ! 2 much action 4 me 4 one day. Time 4 my beauty sleep now. Need 2 sit still n be calm! Good night n sweet dreams. Love u all," she added.

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