Pritam delivers dry and unimpressive music in 'Thank You'

Mar 9, 2011 Ruchika Kher

Pritam Chakraborty is known for creating interesting and impressive soundtracks, but he fails to compose anything extraordinary for "Thank You". The sounds and songs are ordinary.

The music album contains five originals and four remixed tracks.

It opens with the a re-arranged version of "Pyar do pyar lo", a hit cabret number from Firoz Khan's 1986 film

"Jaanbaaz". Pritam has revisited it with new lyrics and new appeal. Crooned by Mika Singh, both sounds and lyrics are a put off. The neo-age version falls flat. Not a very good beginning for the album.

It also has a remixed version.

Next is "Razia", a fast-paced item number kind of a song that has Master Saleem and Ritu Pathak lending vocals to it. While the musical arrangements have contemporary techno beats, the style of singing and lyrics are rustic. Despite the experiment, the song falls flat and creates no interest.

A remix follows this version too, which is average.

Then comes in "Full volume", which hints at the olden style of singing. Sung by Neeraj Shridhar and Richa Sharma with nasal touch, which used to be prevalent in retro songs. It also has rap in the background and the base beat reminds you of the composition in "Zor ka jhatka". On the whole, this love song too fails to make a mark.

Even the remix sounds stale.

Next is titled "My heart is beating", where Sonu Niigaam tries to mimic singer Shabbir Kumar, giving the song a touch of the 1980s and 1990s. It offers equal amount of contemporisation with English lyrics and modern beats. However, even though it's funny in the beginning, the song fails to hold the interest.

Again the remix version has nothing extraordinary to offer.

Finally, the album offers a moderately-paced love song called "Pyaar mein". Javed Ali and Neeraj Shridhar try to impress with the mushy lines, but ordinary composition takes away the soul from the song. It doesn't connect with the listener, although Pritam tries to come in his own skin with this number.

On the whole, quite a disappointing soundtrack by Pritam. The composer has done a much better job in the past, but "Thank You" somehow misses his magic touch.

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