Priyanka is happy for my 'Victory', says Harman

Jan 30, 2009 Subhash K Jha

Mumbai, Jan 30 (IANS) Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra aren't a couple anymore, but their friendship is still intact. The actress showed up for the Mumbai premiere of "Victory" and even complimented her good friend.

Priyanka took Harman aside after the film and told him, "I'm very proud of you. I knew you had it in you. I'm so glad it's finally happening."

When asked about Priyanka's compliment, Harman told IANS from Colombo: "How did you get to know about this? I thought, we went to a discreet corner where she said this to me. Yeah, Priyanka is very happy for me. Isn't that quite natural?"

Harman says that at 3 in the morning, after the Mumbai premiere of his new film "Victory", director Ajitpal Mangat and his leading lady Amrita Rao flew off for an unscheduled premiere in Colombo.

"It was totally a last-minute decision, and dictated completely by the fact that the Indian cricket team is playing against the Sri Lankan team over here, so we'll have the entire Sri Lankan and Indian team attending the premiere this evening," said a groggy Harman from Colombo on Friday morning.

Sachin Tendulkar and Dhoni were also expected to attend the Sri Lanka premiere of the movie.

"I haven't slept at all since yesterday. We finished the Mumbai premiere and caught our flight to Colombo. But I'm too excited to be tired," said Harman.

Naturally, Harman, who shared the premiere arclights with premium players from the Indian and Sri Lankan cricket team, was very excited about the response of the stalwarts to his game.

"They all seemed to agree I played like a pro, what more can I ask for?"

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