Problems aplenty during 'No Problem' shoot

Jan 23, 2010 Subhash K Jha

Mumbai, Jan 23 (IANS) First Anil Kapoor was injured in a freak accident involving a thermos flask, and within hours Sushmita Sen cut her left hand badly. Shooting for the Anees Bazmi comedy "No Problem" seems beset with problems.

The film's title did not seem to be helping at all during the shooting at Film City this week.

Anil Kapoor had to get stitches on his lips.

An hour later, Sushmita Sen accidentally cut her left hand with a sharp knife during a scene.

"It was a bloody Wednesday for us at Film City," shudders Anees Bazmi. "We had barely gotten Anil's injury repaired when Sushmita cut her hand, and very badly. It was a shot where she held a knife in her right hand and an apple in her left. She was supposed to hit the apple with her hand. She instead hit her hand."

While the shot was on, Sushmita didn't let anyone know what happened. "It was only after I called 'cut' that I saw how seriously Sushmita had cut her hand. There was blood everywhere," he says.

"And still, look at the lady's spirit! She joked 'Anees bhai I've literally given blood for this film'," says Anees.

Though Sushmita should have got stitches for her wound, she refused.

Says Anees: "She said 'Scar hoga to dekha jayega'. But I didn't leave anything to chance. I decided to immediately wrap up the schedule. Sometimes god has his own way of warning us about disaster. Two serious accidents on one day was warning enough."

Now Anees has cancelled the rest of the schedule. "We'll complete the remaining 3-4 days in the next schedule. Better safe than sorry."

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