RA.One- a family entertainer

Oct 30, 2011 Darshana

RA.One probably deserves a re-check. The movie was worth spending 3 hours of a Sunday afternoon.I agree that there is nothing in the storyline to get you glued and the ending seems a bit too filmy, but the movie does possess a lot of features to be proud of.

The concept of the video game and the levels in it, the graphics, the visual effects, the mesmerizing and captivating Kareena...yes guys, i did hear the hooting and the cheering for the 'Chammak Challo'. I know where some of you had issues with the movie. Kareena and her son seemed to have moved on quite fast after Shah Rukh's death and the whole thing looked a little childish. But that was how the movie was intended to be. The movie was not promoted as a romantic one or a horror plot ( the horror lies in the expressionless face of Arjun Rampal).

When you go for a movie like RA.one, you should be ideally expecting sci-fi adventures, robotics, King Khan's showmanship and action. I believe the movie gave you all those. I know it feels great to criticize. So maybe we should crib that the movie was meant mainly for children or that Shah Rukh is unnecessarily promoting Arjun( i feel bad writing this, i like Arjun) or that all South Indians are not Madrasis or something like that.

I would say its a good family entertainer but expecting more from King Khan like in 'Swades'. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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