'RA.One' might have some parts in 3D: SRK

May 31, 2011 IANS

Mumbai, May 31 (IANS) Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who is highly ambitious about his superhero flick "RA.One" directed by Anubhav Sinha, said he might have certain stunts in 3D to woo his younger audience but would certainly not compromise on the acting part.

"Some part of the film we are trying to do in 3D and Primefocus is doing that for us. They have a technology with which after you have shot the film, it could be converted into 3D," Shah Rukh told reporters at the theatrical release of the the first trailer at IMAX Wadala here Tuesday.

"But there are reservations on it because you know that we have to shoot that with different cameras.....t he same trailer, actually in a matter of fact, we are going to check out in few days and if it comes out well, then parts of the film I would like to do in 3D as it would attract the younger audience."

"It should look as good as acting, for sure. I think 3D has to be shot in a different way but it is post 3D. If the whole team approves the test we would go for it," he said.

Though the film would have a Diwali release, Shah Rukh decided to start promote the film much ahead of time to make his audience have some impression of his new superhero in their psyche and know him before they go to watch the film.

"I have started promoting the film from January, almost five months ago. The first ad came out on Jan 3. We know superheroes through comics or stories or if we take from mythology then we knew who was Karna, who was Abhimanyu? In our country we don't have any such character, which we could chose for our film."

"I wanted to introduce the character G.One so that by the time you go to watch the film, you kind of know the power, and you have seen a part of it jumping around, flying and feel that you know the superhero. That's the whole intention."

"What I thought was if I could introduce that G.One is made of electricity, made of pixels, he can fly, he can see through things half the jobs done as now you know the character," said Shah Rukh.

The half a minute long teaser shows how G.One (Shah Rukh) with his supernatural stunts like flying over the train frightens the living daylights out of small children or throwing off cars to save Kareena Kapoor makes her stop dead gawking.

Why the title character was not in the promo?

"You won't get to see RA.One until the film releases. We would reveal the character of 'Ra.One' slowly," said Shah Rukh.


Talking about the characters briefly, Shah Rukh divulged: "G.One is the life giver, who saves life. He is the hero ... what I am playing the film. RA.One is actually Random Access Version One but it also stands for Raavan.

"Mythologically, amajority consider him as a bad person made of the world's 10 most evil brains. That's what the ten heads of Raavan's head represent and here it's like the connotation of 10 evil happenings of the world that sums of to make a character 'RA.One'," said Shah Rukh.

His friends and betters suggested him to change the name into G.One, but he used his logic to retain the name "RA.One", said Shah Rukh.

"Many of my friends, Karan(Johar), Adi (Aditya Chopra) suggested me to change the name to G.One. But whenever I have seen any superhero or larger than life film, including in our 'Sholay' or 'Mr. India", we very much talked about Gabbar Singh or Mogambo or Shakal."

"So I thought if I keep it 'RA.One' it would be bit different. People might be confused and take me as RA.One but it is not so. Evil doesn't have any face, that's also logic behind keeping this name," said Shah Rukh.

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