Raghuvir Yadav wonders about Aamir Khan's perfectionism

Aug 12, 2010 Dibyojyoti Baksi

Mumbai, Aug 12 (IANS) Raghuvir Yadav, who plays a pivotal role in Aamir Khan's most talked-about production venture 'Peepli Live', is bowled over by his evolvement as a perfectionist filmmaker and actor.

'In 'Lagaan', I found Aamir as a very sorted out personality. When I saw his 'Taare Zameen Par', he looked more matured. I wonder to what extent Aamir will evolve as a perfectionist. He will take Bollywood by storm,' Yadav told IANS in an interview.

'When you work in his production, you never feel that someone is big or small - everyone thinks it's a unit and together you can make the film better. Finally, it turns out to be a fantastic film,' he added.

Director Anusha Rizvi has put the spotlight on farmers' suicides and how media and politicians react to such grave issues in her first directorial venture 'Peepli Live'.

In the film, Raghuvir plays a farmer who is unable to repay the loan. As a result, his small piece of land is put under the hammer. What happens when he tries to save his only source of livelihood is the film all about.

The actor found neither of the roles - Bhura of 'Lagaan' or Budhiya in 'Peepli Live' -difficult as he lived the problems of rural India.

'Neither of the roles were difficult for me because I am from rural India. I have the personal experience of living the problem of rural India, so both the characters were easy to portray,' said Yadav.

The veteran theatre actor, who is still remembered for playing Mungerilal in the hit television comedy show 'Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne', believes 'Peepli Live' has more than one message to convey.

'Once you see the film you will understand that the film is filled with multiple messages. It says everyone has a social responsibility. If everyone takes his or her share of responsibility, there will be no problem in having a happy life. Government has the biggest responsibility in minimising the problem. Until there is true equality, the rural India will keep facing problems,' said Yadav.

One thing that disturbs the actor is the commercialization of the art of acting.

'The emotional attachment with acting is highly missing in young actors. Commercialisation of art disturbs me a lot. It seems you have become corrupted. Earlier people used to choose acting because they loved the art and weren't bothered whether they were paid less or nothing at times. Now it seems that to make money people are endorsing the art of acting,' said Yadav.

Asked if he is planning to direct a film, he said: 'I have a script ready and would like to try my hand in direction as well. Let me see how soon I am able to bring it on floor.'

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