Ram Gopal Varma turns newspaper editor

Dec 27, 2009 Subhash K Jha

Mumbai, Dec 26 (IANS) Bollywood director Ram Gopal Verma has a new job. He along with the team of the upcoming film "Rann" are editing a 10-page daily newspaper called Rann Times as a way of promoting the film.

Like any daily, Rann Times, which was launched Friday, will carry news on politics entertainment, sports and social activities.

The paper, which will be distributed in 500 multiplexes across the country, will have a circulation of 300,000, its promoters claim.

Producer Madhu Mantena said: "Since 'Rann' is about the relationship between the common man and the media, we thought a daily newspaper would be a good way of supporting our film. We will continue to publish Rann Times until the film's release."

A year ago, during the release of the same producer's "Ghajini", the staffers of a multiplex had been given Aamir Khan's "Ghajini" haircut.

Laughs Mantena, "You've to admit that publishing a newspaper is more creative than shaving heads."

Apparently Mantena took Aamir Khan's advice on Rann Times even though there is no love lost between Aamir and "Rann" director Ram Gopal Varma from the time they worked together 14 years ago in "Rangeela". In fact, from "Rangeela" to "Rann", the two are not on speaking terms. Click the Movie button below for more info:


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