Reliance Mediaworks offers 3D conversion, 'Don 2' first project

Oct 31, 2011 IANS

New Delhi, Oct 31 (IANS) Reliance Mediaworks is offering 3D conversion services to Bollywood studios and its first project is Shah Rukh Khan-starrer "Don 2: The Chase Continues".

Producer Ritesh Sidhwani says the success of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2" in 3D drove their decision to convert "Don 2" into the format.

"After seeing the success of 'Harry Potter' which was also converted, we were absolutely sure that the experience and thrill of watching a 3D film is not lost if the conversion is done correctly, and seeing the result of the demo done by Reliance we were convinced that we should bring 'Don 2' to cinemas in 3D," said Sidhwani of Excel Entertainment.

The film and media services firm of the Reliance Group is offering expertise and proprietary technology developed for Hollywood to Indian film studios from its Navi Mumbai facility.

It will also provide creative expertise as well as powerful tools for 3D project requirements and other services through its team of more than 600 trained artists, a press statement said.

"Hollywood has shown how the 3D format can enhance the immersive audience experience and for Bollywood. 3D will prove to be the next technological phase in entertainment," said Reliance MediaWorks CEO Anil Arjun.

"Within the next two years, the 3D cinema screen count is expected to cross 1,500 screens in India and the penetration of 3D television will also be significant, establishing exceptional opportunity which Indian film studios can leverage to garner higher returns," he added.

Reliance MediaWorks' bouquet of 3D services includes stereoscopic 2D to 3D conversion, services for 3D alignment issues, image and detail enhancements, grain and noise management and on-set consulting, DI grading for 3D, creation and handling of 3D DCPs and 3D camera services.

"Don 2: The Chase Continues" will release in cinemas Dec 23. It will be released in both 2D and 3D formats.

Director Farhan Akhtar is content with the 3D coversion.

"The 3D conversion of 'Don 2' has been done exceedingly well by the Reliance MediaWorks team and we are very happy with outcome. We explored the option of releasing the film in 3D by doing a test demo and the results came out looking fabulous," said Akhtar.

"Since it was translating well and technology has come to a point where we don't need to shy away from it, we decided to go ahead and give the audiences a 3D experience of 'Don 2'," he added.

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