Reshammiya shows creativity in 'Namaste London'

Feb 12, 2007 Meghna Menon

Himesh Reshammiya creates a slightly different soundtrack and yet keeps his signature style safely intact in the Vipul Shah directed "Namaste London".

The USP of the album is that each song is accompanied by a remix version as well as a 'mehfil' mix. So while everyone's adding remixes to their film albums, the makers of "Namaste London" go one step further in composing 'mehfil' (instrumental with Sufi elements) versions of four songs.

Akriti Kakkar and Jayesh Gandhi croon "Aanan fannan" - a song wrapped in melody and great to hear. Javed Akhtar's lyrics prove to be a plus point.

"Chakna chakna" is a dance number already doing the rounds in discotheques. It's a perfect example of Reshammiya trying to retain his original style in a new fashion. The song has beats that make sure you enjoy the track even if you're not on a dance floor.

A not-heard-before combination of Alisha Chinai and Zubin Garg bring sensuality to the track of "Dilruba". An okay composition, the duet isn't likely to last long with the audiences.

"Main jahan rahoon" is a must-hear and Raahat Fateh Ali Khan does an awesome job at the vocals. Krishna supports him in this track and fans of this genre would adore it. It is packaged with soulful renditions and immensely romantic lyrics. Surely a hit!

Next is "Rafta rafta", rendered by Britain-based band RDB, which is quite on the line of "Chakna chakna" but a little sombre in contrast. With good thumping beats and pulsating sounds, the song is not a bad deal.

"Veeraniya" is an average song. Javed Akhtar's lyrics seem to be of quite a good calibre but it somehow ends up being a depressing song. It can actually be termed 'boring'.

Amazingly soulful, soft and melodic are the words that describe "Yehi hota pyaar". Sunidhi and Reshammiya croon to this number. With Sufi elements interspersed in it, this track is the kind you really want to listen to all over again.

Of the seven original numbers, four including "Yehi hota pyaar", "Aanan faanan, "Veeraniya" and "Main jahaan rahoon" return in stylised 'mehfil' mixes that encompass major Sufi elements, Akhtar's swaying poetry and the kind of music that is rarely composed.

In short, "Namaste London" album includes numbers that can be heard twice in a go - which is most often not the case with other albums. Reshammiya has proved his creativity in style.

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