Reshammiya's 'Nanhe Jaisalmer' disappoints

Sep 9, 2007 Meghna Menon

Though the pairing of music director Himesh Reshammiya with lyricist Sameer has produced major hits in the past, they fail to make heads turn with "Nanhe Jaisalmer".

The soundtrack comprises a couple of tracks with some folk in it and also has classic Reshammiya numbers that hardly create a stir.

With a typical Rajasthani touch to it is "Kesariya", a song rendered by Jayesh Gandhi and Vineet Singh, who was one of the finalists in Zee TV's talent hunt show "Hero Honda Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge". The Rajasthani touch gets interspersed with some Western elements, something that Reshammiya can't do without. Penned by Sameer, the track is a nice, decent number that should suit the theme of the movie.

"Lamha lamha" is a disappointment. Reshammiya's voice seems too blaring and Sunidhi is too rough. The two singers could have done a better job. In short, the track is a bad deal and makes one wonder about the genre in which this track should be placed.

It's a surprise that the next song ends up being a clear winner. A kind of title track, "Nanhe yaar" best emotes the relationship shared by the two protagonists in a sweet, simple and melodious way. Sonu Nigam proves himself once again in the song as he delivers the Sameer-written lyrics with great melody and rhythm. Reshammiya's music is different, for a change, and will surely earn him some extra brownie points. An ear-splitting track comes next where the music is not really unbearable but no one would want to sit through the entire number of "Ranjhna". The song puts one off the very minute it starts. Reshammiya croons it with his nasal twang and it adds on to the frustration.

Moving aside from the theme of the movie, Reshammiya churns out "Ulfat". A typical Reshammiya song, it is an average composition and seems very similar to his previous pieces. Hence, the urge to listen to the track is hardly there.

Finally, credit should be given to the composer for experimenting with certain genres that he doesn't delve into usually. However, if we begin rating the tracks composed in this album, Reshammiya doesn't really stand to be a winner.

"Nanhe Jaisalmer" is a soundtrack that is best heard just at the movie hall.

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