Sajid-Wajid create masala music for 'Partner'

Jul 1, 2007 Meghna Menon

Composers Sajid-Wajid team up to create peppy foot-tapping music for director David Dhawan's latest flick "Partner". The catchy lyrics and the innovative use of sounds create masala tracks that will make you sit up and listen though they may not be the ones you would want to hear after a few months.

"Soni de nakhre", an out and out Punjabi number sung by Labh and Sneha, gives the track something to look forward to despite Sneha's unimpressive rendition. It is a moderately paced composition with a little punch, which is hardly noticeable and not the kind one would want to listen twice.

"Do you wanna partner" caught the ears of the audience when the bare-chested Salman donned the small screen and mouthed these lyrics in his inimitable style. A kind of track that would have many doing a jig to its lyrics while many might also change the channel whenever the track is played.

Bizarre lyrics, penned by Sanjay Chel, might surprise you but what else could expect in a David Dhawan movie. The number, crooned by Udit Narayan and Shaan, incorporates some Indian hip-hop tunes and also average classical music, making it a complete hotchpotch.

DJ Earl's robust rapping makes an entry in "You're my love". It's an average number sung by Shaan and Shweta Pandit. It also incorporates sounds of a lot of instruments including the flute. It's very obvious that despite an ardent effort to make the track enjoyable to hear, it doesn't creates very little impression.

"Maria Maria" gives the audience a taste of Latin music. Sung by Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan, the song is likeable yet forgettable.

A likely hit in the making is "Dupatta tera nau rang da". It makes one assume that there's plenty of dancing here too. Sonu and Kunal Ganjawala croon for the protagonists while Shreya Ghoshal fills in for the female lead.

The song has great tempo and showcases techno sounds.

With a variety of singers on board, the masses should end up liking at least one song in the entire album. For Sajid and Wajid, the decision to make the soundtrack for "Partner" was a safe bet.

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