Sonu Sood back in 'Dabangg 2'?

Jan 8, 2012 Subhash K.Jha

Mumbai, Jan 7 (IANS) Sonu Sood might return to "Dabangg 2". If sources are to be believed, the actor has been asked by Salman Khan to feature in the sequel of their 2010 blockbuster.

In October last year, producer Arbaaz Khan announced that the sequel's script didn't allow him to cast Sonu in the role of villain Chhedi Singh once again. However, latest developments indicate Sonu will feature in the sequel.

On an earlier suggestion made by Salman, Sonu was supposed to play his character Chhedi Singh's twin brother in " Dabangg 2". But then the "Dabangg 2" script brought in another arch-villain, to be played by southern star Prakash Raj.

That's when Sonu decided to gently get out of the way.

But now Salman wants him back. According to sources, Salman feels Sonu Sood is integral to the "Dabangg" franchise. When Salman heard that Arbaaz had decided to write Sonu's role out of "Dabangg 2", he wasn't too pleased.

And as other components of "Dabangg 2" began to fall into place, Salman felt the need for Sonu's presence.

"Salman asked Sonu to return to 'Dabangg' at his birthday bash in Panvel last week. This happened in front of Arbaaz, Sohail and a whole lot of other people. Sonu was embarrased. He didn't know what to say because this was not the first time Salman had asked him," said one of Sonu's friend.

"Earlier in Hyderabad, Salman had broached the subject, saying 'Dabangg' wouldn't be the same if the two of them - Salman and Sonu - didn't share a climax fight. Sonu loves Salman to death. But at this juncture of his career, Sonu isn't sure when he has a solo-hero film 'Maximum' ready for release, he wants to do a marginal part. However, for Salman, Sonu would agree to return to 'Dabangg'," added the friend.

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