Sonu Sood feels 'Maximum' will become 'respectable' movie

Jun 29, 2012 IANS

Mumbai, June 29 (IANS) Sonu Sood starrer "Maximum" has got mixed reviews, but the actor is confident that the film will carve a "respectable place" for itself irrespective of its box office business.

"I don't know if my film will earn Rs.100 crore or not but it will definitely make a place in the category of respectable films," the 38-year-old told reporters.

"Maximum", which hit the theatres Friday, is the story of shootout specialists played by Sonu and Naseeruddin Shah.

Reviewers have given their verdict. One of the reviews said that "Maximum" shows minimum originality thereby making it a plain average attempt, while another says that the film is a case of too much blood and blabber being wasted on a tale that has been flogged to death.

But Sonu is confident and says a lot of people will identify with the subject.

"There is no message but it talks about an era which most people have seen and they will be able to identify with it," said Sonu.

When it comes to female leads, Sonu is not choosy about working with established actresses.

"Frankly speaking, I can't take one name. Until I know about their role, I can't choose one. They are all brilliant, they are all big achievers. Whoever suits the role, be it a new girl or an established actress, I will always welcome them," he said.

"I have worked with all of them and I think I have worked with most of the established actresses - Katrina (Kaif) in 'Singh Is Kinng' and with Kangna (Ranaut) I have done some southern films. Whoever is good, I would love to work with them," he added.

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