Soul missing in 'Life Mein Kabhi Kabhie'

Mar 13, 2007 Meghna Menon

Vikram Bhatt's film "Life Mein Kabhi Kabhie" has music by Lalit Pandit and lyrics by Sameer. Despite a variety of good singers, there is something vital missing from the album.

Sunidhi Chauhan sets the ball rolling with "Gehra gehra", a song that's totally hers. The track starts off as a slow, romantic piece, and catches pace soon to become a nice, peppy number with a 'sing-along' feel to it.

Sunidhi usually doesn't do a bad job when the entire song is left to her, and this time too, doesn't let down her fans.

Upcoming singer Zubin Garg features next in a philosophical, life story-narrating sort of a song titled "Hum khushi ki chah mein". The musical arrangements are easy like in Sunidhi's piece, and the track ends up likable.

The next, "Hum tum hum tum", is average. Gayatri Iyer makes her voice heard but Kay Kay doesn't create the magic that he's known for. The music too is just not interesting enough to make you sit up and listen.

Remo Fernandes, the king of pop and rock in India, croons "No problem", a song that has a very Goan feel. With Remo written all over, it is a carefree, energetic number with an 'I-don't-care' touch to it, courtesy the lyrics. Nice to hear, but again, does not have a lasting touch.

Sounding a lot like Sunidhi is Mahalaxmi Iyer in "Valha valha". She teams up with Shaan and Shamit for a track full of liveliness and youthful appeal. Like the earlier numbers, it is also a song that would be heard only if it happens to be playing around and not because you would want to listen.

Even though the composer has tried to make the album a light-hearted and likable one, it just doesn't seem to click. The soundtrack lacks that something to actually make you want to hear it again and again. Maybe the movie will make up for any losses.

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