Special VFX for DON

Sep 18, 2006 NR

The most eagerly awaited film of Diwali / Eid, Farhan Akhtar's Don starring Shah Rukh Khan is said to feature substantial high end VFX and DI work.

While the VFX for the film is being done by Red Chillies VFX, the Digital Intermediate for the same is currently underway and in its last lap at Mumbai-based Pixion. Even before work actually kick-started on the film, the Director of Photography (Mohanan) and the colorists at Pixion conducted a lot of experiments to give a multitude of looks and styles to the film, including obtaining print-outs and previewing them on the big screen to see how it looked. Finally, they opted for a very "filmic" (cinematic) look.

Various scenes of Don have been shot over 4-5 days with different cameras and angles. In all, the film is said to have had more than 2,500 edits, which is a huge number for any movie.

Don releases worldwide on October 20. It is being distributed internationally by UTV.

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DON - The Chase Begins Again


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