Sunidhi is the saving grace in 'Cash'

Jul 25, 2007 Meghna Menon

"Cash" is all about loads of bikes, action, stunts and music. Directed by Anubhav Sinha, the soundtrack of the movie has been composed by Vishal and Shekhar who haven't really put their skills to good use. Only two numbers make their mark.

The power packed title track of "Cash" catches on to listeners instantly. Rendered by Vishal and Shekhar along with Sunidhi Chauhan, it is an assortment of foot-tapping beats and rushing music. Sunidhi's expertise in this genre of music is clearly evident as her passionate voice gives the track the push to make it a success. All this and more has made the number an instant success.

"Mind-blowing mahiya" isn't as mind-blowing as the title suggests. If the song does rake in any moolah, it would be all because of how well Sunidhi's seductive vocals gel with Vishal-Shekhar's music.

An average track, "Mind-blowing mahiya" starts off with a musical composition of beats and then proceeds to the vocals by Sunidhi and ends up to be only a nice party number.

"Naa puchho" continues with the trend of slightly below average numbers being belted out in the soundtrack of "Cash". Lacking that punch to get the track going, the excitement in the song fizzles out in no time. It sees the pairing up of Vishal and Sunidhi, the latter being the only reason if the song survives long. In short, it's a job not done too well.

Sunidhi and Vishal continue their pairing in "Rehem kare", which finally shows the audience that Vishal-Shekhar haven't lost it all as yet. A lot of things seems to be going well for this track including the foot-tapping beats, lyrics, variety in terms of music as well as the plus point of the album, Sunidhi.

"Naughty naughty" sees the absence of Sunidhi as the 'Viva' girl, Anushka Manchandani, takes over from her. Rendering her voice to the kind of music that suits her the best, "Naughty naughty" is an attempt by the composers in making it an R&B number with a lot of Indian elements being thrown in. Anushka gives her all to the track and you can sense the passion in her voice. It is another dance track.

"Zara bachke" fizzles out like "Naa puchho". With nuances that suggest the track could have hit diamonds, "Zara bachke" just doesn't seem to hold your interest. Vishal's lyrics do not impress while Anushka's vocals seem dead. While the music is still commendable to a small extent, the track just lacks the magic to make it a chartbuster.

"Cash" doesn't offer variety in terms of singers. Saving the day for the composer duo Shekhar was Sunidhi and, of course, some credit can be given to the composer's music too. Yet, the album could have done much better.

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