Sunny starrer 'Kaafila' to open in Pakistan

Jul 30, 2007 IANS


Mumbai, July 30 (IANS) Sunny Deol starrer "Kaafila" will become the first film in the history of Indian cinema to get a simultaneous India-Pakistan release Aug 10.

After a high court ruling in Pakistan that gave full clearance to the film, more than 20 promos are being screened every day in Pakistani theatres from July 27.

Based on a true story about human trafficking, the buzz and expectations are rising for "Kaafila" leading to an increase in demand for the promos in Pakistan.

"We are very happy that 'Kaafila', which is based on human trafficking that is of global concern today, is being screened in India, Pakistan and the world over at the same time. We are looking at the film forging relationships between our countries further," said Amitoj Maan, who has written and directed the film.

Mann also plays an important role in the film

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