'Taare Zameen Par' promises to entertain and enlighten

Dec 18, 2007 IANS

New Delhi, Dec 19 (IANS) "Taare Zameen Par", releasing Friday, is an important film for many reasons. For one, this is Aamir Khan's only release in 2007.

Secondly, the actor has donned the director's cap for the first time to tell the story of an unconventional teacher who helps change the life of a child with academic problems.

Another important feature is that Tisca Chopra, who debuted in the Ajay Devgan starrer "Platform", will grace the big screen after a long hiatus. And the film will not only entertain but also create awareness.

The film revolves around Ishaan Awasthi (Darsheel Safary), an eight-year-old boy whose world is filled with wonders that no one else seems to appreciate; colours, fish, dogs and kites are not important in the world of adults, who are much more interested in things like homework, marks and neatness. And Ishaan just cannot seem to get anything right in class.

When he gets into far more trouble than his parents (Vipin Sharma and Tisca) can handle, he is packed off to a boarding school to 'be disciplined'. Things are no different at his new school, and Ishaan has to contend with the added trauma of separation from his family.

One day a new art teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan), bursts upon the scene and infects the students with joy and optimism. He breaks all the rules of 'how things are done' by asking them to think, dream and imagine, and all the children respond with enthusiasm, all except Ishaan.

Nikumbh soon realises that Ishaan is very unhappy and he sets out to discover why. With time, patience and care, he ultimately helps Ishaan find himself.

Initially, Amol Gupte, who has written the script and is also the creative director of the film, was directing the film. But Aamir wasn't satisfied with the work and decided to handle the project in his own way.

The year hasn't been too satisfactory for movie buffs because most films flopped. So everyone is hoping that Aamir, who has set different standards for himself, will help end the year on a happier note.

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