The atmosphere on 'Taare...' was democratic: Tisca Chopra

Dec 19, 2007 Arpana

New Delhi, Dec 20 (IANS) She is a big fan of Aamir Khan and as much in love with acting as the actor himself. But what impressed actor Tisca Chopra the most was the superstar's command over the cinematic language and the democratic atmosphere on the sets of "Taare Zameen Par".

"He is a fabulous director and has deep insight into cinema. He knows what gestures or action will show in what way and what is the effect that will have. The thought, the action and then the effect - the translation he knows perfectly in cinematic language."

"Taare Zameen Par" - the directorial debut of Aamir - has the superstar playing an unconventional teacher who is able to connect to a special child. Tisca plays the mother of the child in the film.

"Another thing which I felt was incredible - even if a suggestion came from a person just passing by, if it had weight it was taken. It was very democratic, because the whole idea was not ego driven."

The entire team worked in perfect tandem.

"The biggest thing was that everyone was working with one idea - to make a good film. There was no diffusion of energy - it was all focussed on a single point - that we have to make a fabulous film.

"The whole unit, from Aamir to the junior most person, knew which shot, which scene, which dialogue, which number of take is happening. The whole unit moved in perfect harmony and unity. It created beautiful energy."

What's the most unique thing about Aamir? Tisca said: "His integrity towards cinema and the non-compromising stand towards work is the most valuable thing to me."

Tisca says that she was not in awe of Aamir. "I'm very confident about myself. I'm not scared. It's an incredible piece of work and I don't need guts to say that. I don't want to make big statements but I can say that it is going to be a very well liked film. It has turned out such a fine film and it's important for me to be a part of such a beautiful piece of work."

Acting is her first love.

"I'm focussed on acting. I can't compromise on that," said Tisca who is in Nandita Das's directorial debut "In Such Times".

"I am also writing my own film. Once all the hustle and bustle related to 'Taare...' is over, I will devote more time to my story."

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