Thrilled to sing after 40 years of composing: Rajesh Roshan

Apr 16, 2010 IANS

New Delhi, April 16 (IANS) He has been in the industry for about 40 years and churned out soulful tunes like "Jab koi baat bigad jaye" and "Dil kya kare". But veteran music composer Rajesh Roshan says he is thrilled to have got a chance to sing for the first time in the movie "Kites".

"This is my first playback ever and it was truly a great experience. I am quite thrilled to finally do it," Rajesh Roshan, the 54-year-old brother of filmmaker Rakesh Roshan, told IANS in an interview on phone from Mumbai. Roshan has sung the song "Fire" along with composer Vishal Dadlani in the movie that stars his nephew Hrithik Roshan, who too is making his singing debut with the much-talked-about film.

"I have been lazy long enough, now I don't want to be. Even earlier there were songs where I was not finding appropriate voices, but still I overlooked that and didn't get the perfect voice to sing it.

"Now I won't do that. Now if I feel I should sing a song I will give it a try. Maybe in future I get more songs suitable for my voice," he said.

Rajesh Roshan claims "Fire" was the most difficult song to compose in the


"'Fire' was the most difficult and challenging track. It has the effects of trance music, which is not easy to create and that is something I haven't indulged in before.

"Also, we were not getting the right voices to sing the track. We wanted a voice that sings as if in a spell. That is the feel of trance but that was getting lost somewhere. So eventually I decided to step in myself and sing the starting part," he said.

The soundtrack of "Kites" includes six originals and three remixes. It is quite different from Rajesh Roshan's earlier movies "Julie", "Yaarana", "Karan Arjun" and "Kaho Na Pyaar Hai".

The composer said apart from "Fire", he didn't face much trouble thanks to his brother - who is also the producer of "Kites".

"I had people like Rakesh, Hrithik and Anurag with me who have a musical ear. They used to pick the right tunes unanimously and that's the most essential thing. Even if one of them didn't understand good music, then there would have been a problem," he said.

Asked for the reason, the composer said: "We were making a film that had to be relevant not just nationally but internationally, so I wanted to compose accordingly. Music has no language; so the feel you create has to suit the

film. Through the feel I wanted the music to be understood by all in the world."

"Kites", about an Indian man's affair with a Latin woman and their predicament as they don't understand each other's language, is being made in Hindi and English. The English version has been reworked by well-known Hollywood director Brett Ratner. Also starring Mexican actress Barbara Mori and Kangana Ranaut, it will be released May 21 in over 60 countries.

Asked why he works for his brother's films only nowadays, he said: "I'm very comfortable working with my brother. There are no ego hassles. Also, we all strive for perfection; so there is no compromise on creativity. I found my

niche while working with Rakesh.

"Another reason is that I've been giving music for the past almost four decades and so I have to reduce my work now. Also, I haven't been offered anything very interesting from others. There are no barriers. Since I'm comfortable with my family, I work with them but it's not that I'm averse to others," he said.

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