Vishal Bharadwaj all set to make songless film

Jul 31, 2007 Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, July 31 (IANS) Director Vishal Bharadwaj, whose "The Blue Umbrella" is releasing Aug 10, has decided to put his untitled international war epic on hold as it is taking too much time. He has now decided to make a film that will have no songs.

"It will be a film without songs, a very real docudrama kind of subject," Bharadwaj told IANS.

"How will I make a film without music? I'll worry about the impact when it's released. Right now I just want to do the film that has come to my mind."

"As for the World War II film, yes it's very much on. But the film requires a huge canvas, huge budget and an international cast. The casting is taking a lot of time, much longer than we thought. I'm still in negotiation with Hollywood actors."

Has Uma Thurman been approached?

"Yes, she has been approached. But she hasn't made up her mind. I'm letting the producer go ahead with the casting of the World War II film while I'm going ahead with another film because I need to get back behind the camera by December 2007 or January 2008."

About "The Blue Umbrella" he said: "I'm not stressed about this film because it's a very simple and innocent story. No one can hate it.

"I'm not worried about my credibility. Of course, it was made before 'Omkara'. I've matured since then. The 'Blue Umbrella' was made in a different frame of mind."

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