Vivek and Boman bond in 'Home Delivery'

Dec 1, 2005 IANS

New Delhi, Dec 1 (IANS) After paying tribute to R.D. Burman in his first film "Jhankaar Beats", director Sujoy Ghosh is ready with "Home Delivery" - an out-and-out comedy releasing this Friday.

A typical Bollywood potboiler, interspersed with comedy, the film looks at a day in the life of its principal characters and how it changes them.

Vivek Oberoi, who was last seen in Soham Shah's spooky thriller "Kaal", is playing the main lead in the film.

Vivek is Sunny Malhotra, a journalist, who has carved a name for himself as a popular agony uncle named Gyan Guru and has very cynical views on life.

He believes he is a self-made man and has achieved everything in life without anybody's support. His belief strengthens when he gets an opportunity to write a screenplay for Bollywood director Karan Johar's film.

His cynicism is not restricted to success only. It extends to his views on marriage, to his fiancée Jenny (Ayesha Takia) and to the festival of Diwali.

But Sunny's life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Michael Burnett (Boman Irani), an easygoing person, who works as a pizza delivery boy.

Michael's tragedy is that he loses every job in just two days. This time, however, he vows to keep this one, no matter what.

The film is all about what happens when these two people, who are completely different in nature, bump into each other.

The film's music is composed by duo Vishal-Shekhar and is an experiment that has never been attempted before and one that is likely to set a new trend in music. It has a record number of 21 songs - not the usual lengthy songs.

So fasten your seat belts to see what happens when Vivek and Boman collide with each other.

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