We do not want to fan flames, says Naseeruddin Shah

Jan 17, 2007 IANS


New Delhi, Jan 17 (IANS) The Naseeruddin Shah starrer "Parzania" is set to hit the screens Jan 26 and the star actor says that the aim is to convey the trauma of a family who lost their son during the Gujarat riots and not to start any controversy.

"The last thing films like this needs is controversy. It would be an immense favour to us if the word controversy is used with a little responsibility because we do not want to fan flames. We want this film to stand on its own merit, if it has and if it doesn't, then we are content to accept the verdict.

"But the judgement of the people, who buy the tickets and go into the hall with open minds, will be more important. And I think if there is less talk of trouble it will be better for the film," said Shah at a press meet here Wednesday.

Naseeruddin also said that they didn't give much emphasis on acquiring accurate Parsi dialects or body language to play the roles.

"It is not important to play these characters as Parsis, which is why we didn't not think it right to meet Dara Modi and his wife. Because it would have made them feel like Ginny pigs that we have come to observe them and they were tormented enough anyway.

"It was more important to behave like an ordinary people because it was more crucial for the story. So, we didn't bother too much about Parsi dialect or body language. We decided to play them as ordinary human beings," he added.

Seasoned actress Sarika, who plays Naseeruddin's wife in the film, directed by NRI filmmaker Rahul Dholakia, says that there is huge responsibility on them to convey the story as convincingly as possible.

"The responsibility on all of us was to carry that story because we are into media and we can bring it out. Otherwise there are so many families who have bore more losses than this but nobody knows about it. Either scribes write it or TV shows it, all of us are just trying it to take it to the people," said Sarika.

For Dholakai it was a mammoth task to commercially release the film and now when the film is set to hit the screens he has no apprehensions in releasing in Gujarat.

"I don't see any problem. I genuinely believe that people in Gujarat really want to see the film. It happened there, the boy was lost there and most of all the family wants it to be seen. I think people are very matured to understand it."

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