'Well Done Abba' offers simple, hummable tunes

Mar 12, 2010 Ruchika Kher

After scoring a hit soundtrack for blockbuster film "3 Idiots", composer Shantanu Moitra returns with a different style in Shyam Benegal's "Well Done Abba". The songs are not over the top, they simple and hummable.

The album offers five originals and no remix versions.

The soundtrack starts with "Meri bano hoshiyar", a wedding song by Ila Arun and Daniel B. George. With psychedelic beats and western touches mixed with Indian styles, the song is a fusion. It's neither bad nor brilliant.

Up next is a love ballad titled "Sandesa sandesa". The entire song revolves around the word "sandese" and is beautifully sung by Sung Shreya Ghoshal and Rupankar. The number is essentially a romantic one.

Then there is "Hum toh apni bawdi lenge", a satirical number that talks about the political system of the country. The song is effectively voiced by Mohit Chauhan and lyricist Swanand Kirkire. The catchy, upbeat track might be situational but is worth a hear.

Next in line is the best song of the album "Rahiman ishq ka dhaga re". Sung by Raja Hasan, it has traces of Sufi style that engages the listener. The song grows on you and is quite likeable owing to its tranquilising effect and soft music.

Finally, there is "Pani ko taraste", another very nice track. This too has a Sufi flavour and is again sung by Hasan. The soothing beginning and overall treatment of the song gives it an edge. It is pleasing to the ears because of its soft orchestration.

On the whole, Moitra has done a good job with the music of "Well Done Abba" and has composed tunes that generate interest among the listeners. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Well Done Abba


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