'What's Your Raashee?' climax different from novel's

Sep 9, 2009 Subhash K Jha

Mumbai, Sep 9 (IANS) Director Ashutosh Gowariker has changed the climax of his film "What's Your Raashee?" and Hurman Baweja's character walks away with a completely different girl from the one that the hero selects in Madhu Rye's novel.

It took a while to convince the novelist, but Gowariker finally made sense in convincing him that an identical ending in the film will spoil it for those who had read the book. Rye had also never imagined that all the 12 candidates for bridehood would have the same face.

"If I had 12 different actresses playing the 12 brides-in-waiting, a star-hierarchy would've been created in the audiences' mind. And the one Hurman would've married would've been considered 'the star' of the show. I wanted all the 12 girls to be looked on with equal curiosity and interest by the audience. And for that I needed to take up the challenge of making one actress play all the 12 parts," Gowariker told IANS. Click the Movie button below for more info:
What's Your Raashee?

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