Why Bollywood loves the Mumbai monsoon

Jul 1, 2010 IANS

Mumbai, July 1 (IANS) For some it spells romance, some see it as a sign of prosperity and some enjoy long drives on a rainy day - Bollywood celebrities like actress Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma and director Onir have different reasons to be enamoured with the rainy season.

IANS spoke to the Bollywood fraternity and asked them what they liked about the monsoon season.

Deepika Padukone: The monsoon makes the city lush, bright and romantic. I love that about this season.

Anushka Sharma: I've started liking the monsoon ever since I moved to Mumbai. It's only here that I have realised what a big part it plays in the lives of Mumbaikars and how they look forward to the rains. Coming from Bangalore as I do, the weather there is pretty pleasant right through the year, but here the rains are a welcome relief after summer. I like going on long drives during the rains. Rains have a calming effect on the city and that's what I love.

Anjana Sukhani: The sheer joy that comes with the very first drops of monsoon is fantastic. It fills me up with anticipation. The weather becomes cool and everything looks romantic.

Manoj Bajpai: The rains, the greenery they bring along with them and the spray of showers on my face are the best part of the monsoon.

Onir: The clean smell of rain-washed air and the washed trees is my favourite sight during monsoon. They look relieved from the burden of smoke and dust and seem like they are smiling.

Bhagyashree: The best thing about the monsoon is the sound of rain, the smell of the earth and my father's sweetcorn soup that he makes when its raining.

Purab Kohli: Mumbai is a hot city and the temperature soars and becomes unbearable. The rain not only cools the place down, but also gives the city a good wash. I love that.

Mika: My very first song 'Sawan mein lag gayi aag' was about the monsoon. Rain in smaller cities and villages means good agriculture, prosperity, happiness and that's what the monsoon has always meant to me. It's a time to rejoice.

Chunky Pandey: Monsoon means cutting chai (tea), hot bhajiyas (fried snacks) and getting wet on the terrace with my kids. The world becomes perfect.

Vir Das: It's my favourite season. Mumbai gets a different look in this season. There are many old buildings across the city, which seems to have taken a bath in the rain. I stay in Bandra and it's beautiful during this season. The sight across the sea and the greenery are awesome. I just love to go out for a long drive while it's raining. I have bought an Avenger bike especially for that. They are the most refreshing moments I enjoy.

Vidya Malwade: Monsoon is beautiful anywhere across the world. I am totally in love with this season. Sometimes, the slow traffic, mud and puddles dampens the mood but otherwise a heavy shower is a treat after the summer. I prefer to stay at home, sit by the window when its pouring outside and read a book over hot coffee or spending time with my husband.


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