Working with Amitabh fulfils my mom's dream: Sudeep

Feb 5, 2010 V S Rajapur

Bangalore, Feb 5 (IANS) Kannada actor Sudeep, who was seen as Amitabh Bachchan's over-ambitious son in "Rann", says he has fulfilled his mother's dream by working with the megastar in the movie.

"I think working with Amitabh Bachchan in a film is an achievement for me. It was my mother's dream that I should work with a legendary actor like Amithabh Bachchan. I am happy that it has materialised now," said Sudeep who is set to direct a Hindi film, which will be a remake of his just released Kannada film "Maath Maathnalli".

Talking about his experiences of working with Big B, he said: "I was a little apprehensive on the first day of the shoot. I was introduced to Amitabh Bachchan by Ram Gopal Varma. He said, 'Hello Sudeep'. And I just said, 'Hi sir'.

"I did not speak to him much during the shoot because I did not want to be overwhelmed by his presence. But on the last day, I spoke to him at length."

Sudeep was introduced in Bollywood by Varma with "Phoonk". After the spooky thriller became a box office hit, the actor got two more Hindi films from his mentor - "Phoonk II" and "Raktha Charithra".

He has already completed the shoot of "Phoonk II", but he is yet to finish his work in "Raktha Charitha" where he plays an important role along with Vivek Oberoi, Shatrughan Sinha and Tamil actor Surya.

"After completing my work in 'Phoonk', I did not expect too many Hindi film offers coming to me. I was also busy in Kannada films. Just a few days after the release of 'Phoonk', I got a call from Ram Gopal Varma - he told me that he will make 'Phoonk' sequel with me.

"But before I started working for 'Phoonk II', I got a surprise call from Ramu. He said if I am not busy then I have an offer from him to work in 'Rann'. The fact that I will be working with Bachchanji excited me. I did not hear the story because it was a story approved by AB sir," he said.

Sudeep also reveals that Varma is set to do a bilingual in Hindi and Kannada called "Nirnay".

"He revealed this to me on the last day shoot of 'Phoonk II'. 'Nirnay' will be in Kannada and Hindi. It will be a huge production. Ram Gopal Varma told me that he may need some Kannada artists for the Kannada version of the film. He also assured me that if he finds them suitable for Hindi film and if they can speak in Hindi, he may use them in the Hindi film. I was very happy to hear him saying that," said Sudeep.

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