Youngistaan laps up 'Delhi Belly', 'Bbuddah.' enthralls families

Jul 4, 2011 IANS

New Delhi, July 4 (IANS) Aamir Khan may have given an "adults only" warning before "Delhi Belly" released, but that hasn't stopped a majority of youngsters from queuing up for the movie for its spunky, into-the-face dialogues. At the same tome, Amitabh Bachchan-starrer "Bbuuddah...Hoga Tera Baap" is managing to keep the cash registers ringing, thanks to family audiences with a preference for clean entertainment.

"I knew I have to watch 'Delhi Belly' movie when I saw the first teaser. It looked so much fun and with Aamir Khan's tag, it was on my must watch list. The trailers and all the fun songs drew me even more. But after watching it, I have to say, 'Delhi Belly' was a total paisa vasool movie!" Shobhit Sharma told IANS.

"Delhi Belly" is a delight for the boy gangs in India's urbanscape. It captures the free-spirited, money minded, brash generation X reprsented by Imran Khan, Vir Das and Kunal Roy Kapoor in the film.

Youngsters, especially in the age group of 14-30 years, booked tickets in advance for "Delhi Belly" thanks to the buzz around it. The songs, particularly the cult number "Bhaag DK Bose", remained a major draw too as the movie went on to recover its cost by amassing Rs.26 crore in the opening weekend itself.

For Shantanu Mishra, a 17-year-old, "Delhi Belly" was like "a forbidden fruit".

"Everyone was saying it was meant for adults only...that drew more interest in me for 'Delhi Belly'. If people restrict us youngsters for something, we want it even more. So I decided to go for it with a bunch of 15 friends. It is an awesome movie, and more than just for adults, I would recommend it only for guys and that too single," said Mishra.

Irrespective of the escalating buzz and word-of-mouth publicity for "Delhi Belly", even "Bbuddah...Hoga Tera Baap" is making money at the box office, said Anant Verma, director and business head, DT Cinemas.

"'Delhi Belly' caters to the young crowd, while Bbuddah.. is meant for the family. 'Delhi Belly' has an interesting concept and it has been promoted in such a way that the audience know what to expect from it," he said.

"Bbuddah..." in its own unique way is wooing oldies back to the cinema halls and even the family audience seems to prefer the movie for its simple masala, spiced with a "beep" instead of explicit expletives.

"Bbuddah..." may have had a slow start with Rs.1.91 crore on the day of its release, but it geared up on the weekend and made Rs. 7.06 crore over the weekend.

"After a long time I saw a movie first day first show, and what a movie it was," Amlan Goswami, a fan posted on Big B's blog after watching "Bbuddah", which is about a flamboyant Paris-returned gangster, played by 68-year-old Amitabh.

"Ultimate style. I plan to watch it this Sunday again...It's just a sincere request to keep doing this type of stuff again and again because we are born and brought up with this style of yours and we don't want to lose it.

"You should keep reminding the world what you actually are. A great movie which will always be remembered for your unique style," added Goswami in his appreciation post to Big B.

"BHTB is a visual and emotional treat……Action, comedy, pathos, panache all in one, left a lump in my throat …..So many times during the movie I had tears flowing down my cheeks - sometimes in happiness, sometimes in awe n just once in sadness in the end," Anamika, another fan, posted on Big B's blog.

There was much anticipation for both the movies, and it seems they are turning out to be winners amid their rightful target audiences.

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