'Zinda' is not for weak of heart

Jan 11, 2006 IANS

New Delhi, Jan 11 (IANS) Director Sanjay Gupta is strongly influenced by Hollywood action-dramas as was evident from his last two releases "Kaante" and "Musafir". And that's true of his psychological thriller "Zinda" too.

Releasing this week, its story unfolds in such a manner that the audience fails to predict what will happen in the next frame and is kept on the edge of the seat.

"Zinda" has an impressive cast, including Sanjay Dutt, who has become a permanent fixture in Gupta's films, and John Abraham who loves to play bad guy.

Most crime-thrillers are centred on a human being who deals with the darkest side of human nature sans any illusion or hope. In Gupta's film something similar happens to Balajeet Roy played by Sanjay Dutt.

Balajeet is enjoying life with his wife Nisha, played by Celina Jaitley. He shifts to Bangkok in pursuit of a promising future little knowing that the city will swallow up his happiness.

Soon after they shift to Bangkok, Nisha learns she is pregnant. Unfortunately, the thrill of sharing the good news with her husband is short-lived as somebody locks Balajeet for 14 years in a dark and dingy room for no apparent reason.

In 14 years, Balajeet is transformed from a civilised human being to a savage animal in the cell, agonising over who conned him. His only contact with the outside world is a television set through which he learns about his wife's death.

And then, 14 years later, he finds himself bundled into a suitcase and left out in the open. He is set free. Both his future and his past become a mystery for him.

What happens thereafter is the tale of revenge, uncertainty, violence and bloodshed.

The film's music is doing well. Sanjay and John have sung a song for this film. The film also has Lara Dutta in the role of a taxi driver.

"Zinda" will work if it doesn't lose its seriousness and suspense till the end. And, of course, the climax should not be predictable.

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