Winslet was fourth choice for 'The Reader'

Feb 19, 2009 IANS

London, Feb 19 (IANS) British actress Kate Winslet has been nominated for Oscar for her role in "The Reader", but she was fourth choice for the part. reports that producer Harvey Weinstein revealed there were three other actresses considered for the part of the concentration camp guard Hanna Schmitz. Nicole Kidman was the first choice, but she had to drop out when she became pregnant. After that French actress Marion Cotillard, who won an Academy Award for her role in "La Vie En Rose", was approached. she also tested for the role and impressed the producer.

Naomi Watts too was approached and she was ready to do the role, but the director Stephen Daldry insisted on having Winslet.

Weinstein said the other actresses were considered because Winslet was working on "Revolutionary Road" with Leonardo DiCaprio.

He said: "Before Kate came on board, Anthony Minghella, myself and Scott Rudin had a conversation. I said, 'Scott, she's got 'Revolutionary Road'. I think we should have insurance. I had Marion Cotillard, the French actress, go to Germany and shoot a screen test. She was great. Then we contacted Naomi Watts. She's available. Then we redid the conversation and said these people are available. Stephen Daldry wanted to work with Kate.'"

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