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Sep 13, 2006 RGV

It is a great moment for the "Nenapirali" team which consisted talented technical team and fresh faces, which had won a commendable battle.

The first victory was when the film won the box office battle in the face of still competition from big films featuring top stars. Now it has won all the five top categories FILMFARE awards this year.

It may not be an unprecedented achievement. Last year's much appreciated hit "Nenapirali" has swept all the five category prestigious Film Fare awards allotted to the regional films for the year 2005.

The feat was achieved by Vishnuvardhan-Ramesh Arvind-Late Soundarya starred "Aaptha Mithra" in the year 2004. But for a film which was produced and directed by first timers it is certainly a singular spectacular achievement.

"Nenapirali" which was released on December 2nd last year was produced by builder Ajay Gowda and was directed by Rathnaja. Rathnaja who has won the Best Director award had earlier assisted veterans like Dinesh Babu and S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu.

Prem who has won his first FILMFARE award in the Best actor's category did act in two films earlier, but it was "Nenapirali" which had brought him to focus.

Vidya Venkatesh, a former air hostess from Chennai also got her first Best Actress award in her second Kannada film. She had previously acted with Shivaraj Kumar in "Chirgurida Kanasu". Incidentally, Vidya was paired with Ramesh Arvind in "Panchathanthram' which had Kamal Hassan and Simran doing the major roles.

And of course there was this old guard music maestro Hamsalekha who gave his best work in this trend setting film. Hamsalekha has won many awards for his music, but this award has been important for him because just prior to the release of the film he was written off by some people in the film industry. The veteran has made a terrific return to the limelight with two big hits last year- "Anna Thangi" and "Nenapirali".

All the five award winners received their awards in Chennai in the background of a standing ovation. Hamsalekha says that he was as much excited as Rathnaja who has received his first award. "I went to receive my first FILMFARE award two decades ago when a veteran like K.Balachandar received his award. It should have been his seventh or eighth award. K.B. sir told me that he is feeling younger because he was receiving a prestigious award with a younger person like me. I was remembering these words from K.B. sir when I received an award. People say that I started a new trend with my music composition in "Prema Loka". But I think I have started another trend by this music composition in "Nenapirali". This award is special to me" said Hamsalekha.

Excitement will be an understatement to describe the feelings of Producer Ajay Gowda who feels that this award should go to the entire team. "We have worked hard and the results are showing. We have crossed several bottlenecks before the film was released. Unfortunately for us the film could not complete a hundred day run in the main theatre because of some problems beyond our control. This film was well received by all the sections of the audience and it has been having a terrific run even in semi urban and rural areas now. The support from media can not be undermined" says Gowda.

Rathnaja who assisted veteran film directors like S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu and Dinesh Babu says that the prestigious Film fare award has come at a right time when his primary aim of getting a commercial acceptance for his first film has been realized. "The film's commercial success was as much important to me as getting an award. This has come to me like a double bonus. The fact that the film has won awards in all the five categories has also made me happier because now I feel I have made a complete film" says Rathnaja.

Prem had acted in two films before he worked for "Nenapirali". But now he is happy to be recognized as "Nenapirali" Prem. " I dedicate this award to the people of Karnataka who have made the film a big hit. I am also grateful to the film's director Rathnaja and Producer Gowda who gave me the big break. I also thank the Kannada audience for making the film a big success which enabled it to win five prestigious awards" says Prem.

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