Comedy time for Kannada cinema

Jun 7, 2006 R.G. Vijayasarathy

Bangalore, June 7 (IANS) From tearjerkers to laugh riots, from mafia dons to light-hearted romance and fun - the Kannada film industry is witnessing a dramatic change in the preferences of directors and producers.

Those known for family dramas full of sentimental scenes are planning to try their hand at tickling the audience's funny bone. Others, thus far given to glorifying gangsters in films, are also on a frantic hunt for comedy scripts.

"Rama Shaama Bhaama", the hugely successful Kamal Haasan remake of hit Tamil comedy "Sati Leelavati", has proved to be a trendsetter.

Six comedies are to hit the screen in the next few months: "Ekadhantha". "Honeymoon Express", "Datta", "Lancha Samrajya", "Neenello Naanello", and "Pandavaru".

Except for "Neenello Naanello" and "Pandavaru", all the other films are based on original scripts or popular literary works.

"Ekadhantha", starring Vishnuvardhan and Ramesh, is directed by Marathi actor and director Sachin. The script adapts many sequences of a Marathi novel, according to Sachin, who has directed many television comedy serials.

Guru Datta directs "Datta", featuring Darshan and Ramya. Datta says though the film will have "its quota of action scenes" to please Darshan fans, it will appeal to the audience as a comedy. Janardhan Maharishi has penned the script for the film.

Nagendra Magadi, director of "Honeymoon Express", says his script has been inspired by a Marathi story. According to him, the script needed an actor like S. Narayanan to team up with veteran comedian Jaggesh.

S.V. Babu, realtor-turned-producer, expects the film to keep the viewers "laughing all through".

Boodal Krishnamurthy, the director of "Lancha Samrajya", says "the present day political scene" has prompted this satire on corruption. The film will feature Master Hiranniah and 20-odd comedians familiar to Kannada cinema fans.

"Neenello Naanello", directed by Dinesh Babu with Anirudh and Rakshitha in lead roles, is a remake.

"Pandavru" is an adaptation of Hindi hit "Hulchul". With stars like Ambareesh, Devaraj and Jaggesh, the film is directed by K.V. Raju and produced by actor Ram Kumar.

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