'Gaja' rocks Kannada music market

Apr 15, 2008 R.G. Vijayasarathy

Bangalore, April 16 (IANS) Music lovers have lapped up Hari Krishna's compositions in "Gaja" and it tops the Kannada audio charts.

The top five Kannada albums are:

1. "Gaja" - "Gaja" still remains the top audio in the market today mainly because of the mass appeal in the songs. Hari Krishna's music has been much appreciated and all the songs have become popular. The top song is certainly "Bangaari baare nee bul bul", which tops the charts. Other songs like "Aithalakadi" and "Maathu nannolu" have also appealed to the younger fans.

2. "Aramane" - This is Golden Star Ganesh's film and naturally the actor's popularity has contributed to the major initial sales of the album. Guru Kiran has composed music for the film and songs like "Kolle kolle", "Nanagoo" and "Nanna yedeyalli" have become extremely popular. The film is yet to be released, but the album is selling like hot cakes.

3. "Sathya In Love" - Though the film has not become highly popular, the compositions of Guru Kiran have been liked by the audience. The audio was released much before the film and it had gained good market sales from day one. "Sereyaadhalu", "Nodalavalu lovely lovely" and "Thattu thodenaa" are the top songs in the audio.

4. "Mussanje Maathu" - The film is yet to be released, but the audio has become popular because of the quality of songs. Sridhar who was a music arranger became a music director in this film. Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal's "Ninna nodalentho, maathanaadalentho" is the top song of the album. "Enaagali" and "Ee hrudaya" songs have also become extremely popular.

5. "Nanda Nanditha" - The song "Jinkemareena" has become extremely popular and the album, composed by Emil, is now on the top five list. This is Emil's first Kannada film. Another song, "Kuladhalli keelyaavudho", is also slowly becoming popular now. Younger audiences are liking these songs and purchasing the album in large numbers.

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