I'll return to direction: Ramesh Arvind

Nov 30, 2009 IANS

Bangalore, Nov 30 (IANS) Kannada director-actor Ramesh Arvind has made a mark as an actor with hits like "Mooru Guttu Ondhu Sullu Ondhu Nija", but he promises to return to direction as soon as he finishes the script.

"I'm now concentrating only on acting assignments. I have been having continuous shooting schedules because all the films that I have signed had well-planned brisk shooting schedules. I have been getting best of the scripts. It suits my ambition to do variety of roles in films that have strong story elements," Ramesh Arvind told IANS.

Arvind, who directed comedies like "Rama Shaama Bhaama" and "Sathyavaan Savithri", had said that he would take up direction after the success of his last film "Venkata In Sankata", but couldn't concentrate on his script because of back-to-back acting assignments.

"I have yet to finish the script for my next directorial venture. But the script is in my mind and I am always working on it. I will get my script ready and I will definitely work with my team," he added.

Arvind has just finished working in director Guna Kumar's "Preethiyindha Ramesh", about romance blooming on Internet chatting and he has teamed up with Bengali actress Suma Guha in it.

He is also readying "Krazy Kutumba", produced by his brother-in-law Ravi Joshi, for release and then he will start shooting for well-known Tamil film director V. Shekar's film from Dec 6.

Shekar's film is a remake of Tamil hit "Varavu Ettanna Selavu Paththana" and Meena plays female lead in it. Meena, who recently married a Bangalo-based software engineer, is making a comeback after a long gap with the movie.

Arvind's "Mooru Guttu Ondhu Sullu Ondhu Nija" has been doing well and he visited various theatres in Bangalore along with other artists and technicians of the film and was happy with the audiences' reaction.

"I was particularly happy to see children as their presence means that the whole family has flocked the cinema halls. They were enjoying the comedy and there were lot of elder people who told me that they had enjoyed the sentimental sequences in the film.

"I tried to do a totally different role in the film as a villager from Mandya district. I'm happy to receive positive feedback fot this new type of role which has been really special to me," said Arvind.

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