Indrajith Lankesh celebrates his birthday

Sep 24, 2006 RGV

There were some charity programs like distribution of books and cloths to the physically challenged students in the evening and a big bash with the journalist friends in the night.

That is how Indrajith Lankesh the star director who tasted success for his recent film "Aishwarya", celebrated his birthday.

Dressed in a simple attired, Indrajith Lankesh was in high spirits, though not literally, when he spoke about the response from the people to his film "Aishwarya".

"I was surprised to hear the reactions of many people. There was not even one note of discontent. Every one who has seen the film was praising the quality of the film and was recommending their friends and relatives. It is quite obvious that the film is shaping to become a big blockbuster" said Indrajith Lankesh.

Indrajith also said that "Aishwarya" had received the biggest opening for any Kannada film in recent times and was still a rage among the young audience.

"The audio has already reached the top slot and now even the people are seeing the film in large numbers. The first week's collections are the highest for any Upendra starrer. I really don't know what has been liked by the audience, whether it is Upendra's new hair style, Deepika's screen presence or Daisy Bopanna's top line performance. The media reviews have been highly helpful in getting a huge response for the film" said Indrajith.

Indrajith said that his first aim was to make an entertaining film with Upendra and he had to work out a film script which was acceptable to the producer, Hero Upendra and also the people backing the project.

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