It's packed houses for Amitabh's debut film in Kannada

Nov 11, 2005 Subhash K. Jha, Nov 11 ,

Mumbai, Nov 11 (IANS) "Amrithdhare" has redefined the commercial boundaries of Kannada cinema.

It is a bitter sweet story of a newly married couple, their sweet tiffs and fluffy fights, and the wife's undying wish to meet her idol Amitabh Bachchan.

"The director Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar and I teamed after the success of my first film 'Nanna Preethiya Hudugi'. And I get to fulfil my heroine Ramya's undying wish when she's dying," says the film's leading man, the Mumbai-import to Karnataka Dhyaan.

"I introduce her to Bachchan in the film."

Getting Bachchan was relatively easy.

"A close friend who's also close to Bachchan asked him if he'd make a guest appearance in Kannada and he immediately agreed. The date for shooting was worked out within a week. That's what I call professionalism," recalls Dhyaan.

Four films old in Kannada cinema, Dhyaan's stocks have been rising with every film. "I love the Kannada film industry and its resident stars far too much to even think of being threat to anyone. Please! I'm treated like a very special guest in Bangalore.

"The city has become a second home to me. After my work I go back to Mumbai where I've a handful of decent films under production."

Dhyaan, however, doesn't mind admitting a close proximity to his "Amrithdhare" co-star Ramya.

"The onscreen chemistry that Ramya and I shared was superb. In fact it's so natural and spontaneous that after watching the film people may presume that we are romantically involved offscreen too. The credit for this goes to the friendship that we share for a long time now.

"There is no formula but you instinctively know when your onscreen timing with a co-star works. That feeling is there between us. We had a great time shooting for the film and have become very good friends now. I am sure after this film we will be offered a lot of work together."

Dhyaan is flooded with offers in Kannada films. "Let's see if I can do them. It's always a pleasure to work in Bangalore. 'Amrithdhare' was memorable on many counts. I played a married man for the second time. When I did so the first time in Mona Lisa I was raw and inexperienced in the love scenes. All that has changed now."

According to him, the greatest pleasure of doing "Amrithdhare" was to share screen space with the great Bachchan.

"My colleagues here have to wait all their careers for the privilege of doing a film with Bachchan sir. I got to do it so soon, and that too in a Kannada film where he has worked for the first time.

"Both Bachchan sir and his son Abhishek are wonderful people. In fact Abhishek has been very encouraging and friendly. Karnataka or Mumbai, I don't think guys who come from film families have an attitude. On the contrary they know exactly what makes a strong and durable s

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