Meera Jasmine charms Kannada film director

Feb 4, 2007 RGV

Multilingual actress Meera Jasmine's new Kannada film 'Arrasu' has now opened to a bumper response.

She has now become a talking point in the industry circles as for as her performance in the film is concerned. Her role of a middle class girl has been the toast of audience who are clapping her for her emotional performance. But her biggest fan is none other than the film's director Mahesh Babu. Mahesh Babu who had worked as an associate and co-director for many Kannada films hit the big road with the huge success of his first film 'Akash' with Puneet Raj Kumar. 'Arrasu' is his second directorial venture.

Meera Jasmine who got a National award for her performance in the Malayalam film 'Paadam Oru Vilaapam' is regularly in contact with Mahesh Babu and is seeking information about how her role has been received by the audience. Her keen interest in this film has surprised Mahesh Babu who had found that most imported heroines would lose interest in their own film once it got released.

'She is one of the best actresses today. She can give any actor a run for the money by the way she gives her expressions. In close ups she looks fantastic with her smile' says Mahesh Babu. Meanwhile Meera Jasmine is coming to Bangalore to watch the film in a theatre and personally see for herself the reactions of the audience for the film audience

'I have worked with several actresses from the days I worked as an assistant director. Then as a co-director of many films I had to teach dialogues for many actresses. But I could not find the same level of commitment and professionalism shown by Meera Jasmine by any other heroines I have worked with. Most of the heroines were interested to dress in the same way as some of the top Bollywood actresses without caring about the roles they played in films. They were not convinced even when I used to advise them clearly that their dress was not compatible to the role they played. But Meera Jasmine is certainly different. Show one sequence in 'Arrasu' when she does not look natural. And she would not complain even if she is sitting idle for some time. She would wait till the director gives a call. I wish to work with more number of films with her' says Mahesh Babu.

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