Sree Murali acts with Pooja and Radhika Gandhi

Aug 11, 2009 RGV

B'lore, Aug.11 (NR): Sree Murali has been getting some exciting offers these days. Last Friday his new film Sree Hari directed by Dayal Padmanabhan was launched with much fan fare in Bangalore. Sree Murali is being paired with Pooja Gandhi and her sister Radhika Gandhi in the film. Infact Pooja plays a complex role which has some negative shades in it. It is the first time that Pooja who is the busiest female star of Kannada films is doing a negative role in the film.

"I play a soft character in the film. Since I was always getting action oriented roles, I was little hesitant when Dayal discussed this script with me. Dayal also suggested change of my looks for this movie. I was to wear specs to get a soft look on my face. All these things created a little bit of anxiety in me. But my brother Vijaya Raghavendra told me to do that soft role as it would be challenging for an action hero to do a film with emotions and family related sentiments," said Sree Murali.

Murali is happy that he is getting variety of roles this year. While his forthcoming films Sihi Gali and Murari have totally different themes, Sree Hari will be presenting him in a different fashion. "I am trying to do different things only now. Otherwise I was given only youthful roles where acting and performance was not strongly focused. In that way I welcome films like Sree Hari," who plays the role of Radhika Gandhi's husband in the film. Pooja plays the role of a dejected lover who is seeking revenge on Sree Muali.

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