Actresses need to change their attitude: Jithu Joseph

May 20, 2010 NR

Trivandrum, May.21 (NR): Director Jithu Jospeh says that actresses need to change their attitude. He says his film 'Mummy and Me' would have remained on paper had not Urvasi agreed to do the role of the mom.

Jithu was talking at a Press Conference here.

Jithu said that he had approached several actresses with the script that told the story of a mom and daughter, and that he was turned down by all actresses who said that they didn't want to play mom.

Some even said that they didn't want to be upstaged by the daughter character. Jithu says that he got the same reaction even from actresses who have been saying that they were looking for heroine oriented roles.

Some said that they felt that the film would tarnish their heroine image.

Jithu said that though he has always had the highest regard for Urvasi as an actress, he approached her the last, since he didn't want any similarity between his film and 'Achuvinte Amma' in which the actress had played mom to Meera Jasmine.

Actor Mukesh who also took part in the Press Conference said that some actresses were controlled by their 'Godfathers'.

The heroine of the film Archana Kavi was also present. 'Mummy and Me', produced by Jithin Arts would be released today. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Mummy & Me

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