'Adaminte Makan Abu' not copied from elsewhere: Salim Kumar

May 28, 2011 NR

Cochin, May.28 (NR); National Award winning actor Salim Kumar has brushed aside allegations that his film 'Adaminte Makan Abu' has been copied from a tele film, and has asked the ones who have been making the allegations to watch the film first.

Salim says that people have been making these baseless accusations after having watched two clippings of the film on television, and a song.

Salim Kumar also says that Abbas Kalathodu, who has made the allegations will have to face dire consequences, if he proceeds with legal action against the film. This is because the story that he claims to be his own 'Maruppacha', is just a version of the famous film 'Kuttikkuppayam'.

Salim Kumar has also requested people to see the film first, before coming up with such inane claims. The film is expected to be released in June. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Adaminte Makan Abu


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