Annan Thambi is a full fledged entertainer: Anwar Rasheed

Apr 10, 2008 NR

As an independent director, he's just two films old. But young Anwar Rasheed, who is all set to release his third film this month, is already a director to reckon with. His debut venture itself placed him in the big league. With Rajamaanickam, which was Anwar Rasheed's first film as an independent director, he created so tremendous an impact at the box office as was never expected from a debutante director, especially one so young. Rajamaanickam started rewriting box-office fundas and catapulted Anwar Rasheed into the big league. He then repeated the box office success with Chotta Mumbai. And now he is all set to release his third film, Annan Thambi. Anwar Rasheed speaks to about Annan Thambi, and about his earlier ventures, all with a voice marked with tons of confidence.


Let's begin with Annan Thambi. What's the film all about?

Annan Thambi, as the name itself suggests, is the story of two brothers, Appu and Achchu. Circumstances somehow take these two brothers to two different poles, two different worlds. This is all I would like to say for now. The rest you can see for yourself, as the film is all set for release.

Rajamaanickam and Chotta Mumbai were basically entertainers. What about Annan Thambi?

Annan Thambi too is an entertainer, a full-fledged entertainer. The film has been packaged with all ingredients necessary for a wholesome entertainer. It has everything in it - a well-narrated story, drama, sentiments, comedy, action, romance, songs, dances and all.

Do you expect Annan Thambi to repeat the kind of success enjoyed by your earlier two films?

The film is packaged in such a way that it should appeal to the common man, who comes to the theatre expecting nothing but entertainment, wholesome entertainment. I hope people like and accept the film. That's what I pray for.

You had been instrumental in Mammootty re-inventing himself in a totally new kind of role in Rajamaanickam. The film saw Mammootty sending the audience into peals of laughter. What has Annan Thambi got in store for the fans of Mammootty?

Mammookka is doing a double role in the film. Of course he has done double roles in many films, but in Annan Thambi it is going to be different. One of the characters that he plays is dumb, something which he has never played. And it should be pointed out that Mammookka, the ace performer that he is, has added a new dimension to the role. The two characters that he is playing in the movie are entirely different, and we are all going to see Mammootty in full form as Appu and Achchu.

Now let's go to your beginnings as an independent director. It's heard that Rajamaanickam happened by sheer coincidence. Is it true?

Yes. Rajamaanickam was initially to be directed by director Ranjith and I was to assist him in the film. But even before it started, he had to back out due to personal reasons and it was he who suggested me as the director. It all happened so suddenly that it was a pleasant shock or surprise for me. It was much more than a dream come true. And Mammookka gave me all the support I needed and thus Rajamaanickam happened.

In Rajamaanickam, the slang was the highlight. Chotta Mumbai had the life of Fort Kochi as the backdrop. So, what are you now up to in Annan Thambi?

You'll have to just wait and see. All that I'd like to say is that I don't want to make films along a particular pattern, though all of them are basically entertainers. Rajamaanickam was a hit because of the freshness in treatment and the slang. I didn't want to repeat that kind of treatment or the usage of any slang in Chotta Mumbai. I made it in an entirely different way. And now, Annan Thambi is going to be different from these two earlier films of mine. Just wait and see.

Ok, then. All the best!


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