'Anwar' producer lashes out against Amal Neerad

Nov 26, 2010 NR

Cochin, Nov.26 (NR): Raj Zacharia, the producer of the Prithviraj starrer 'Anwar' has lashed out against director Amal Neerad.

Raj says that even as the film is getting dubbed for a Tamil Nadu release, the director is making it even more difficult for him, than it already is.

'The film has caused a loss of one and a half crores. Realising this, both Prithviraj and Prakashraj have dubbed for the Tamil version, without charging for it. However, the director Amal Neerad has demanded an extra of ten lakhs as his remuneration to allow the print to be released from Gemini Labs,' Raj says.

'It was agreed that the film would be completed in fifty two days on a budget of three crores. However it was completed in seventy eight days on a budget of five and a half crores. Amal takes the first shot at eleven in the afternoon and wraps up by six in the evening.'

'If Prithviraj makes some suggestion, Amal would accept it unwillingly and later on shout at the producer and others on the sets. He would later on apologize for the behaviour as well, saying that he was upset with Prithviraj,' Raj adds.

Raj says that he intends to complaint against Amal Neerad at the South Indian Producers' Association.

Amal Neerad is yet to respond to the allegations. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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