Azhikode accuses Mohanlal of snatching away brother's property

Feb 25, 2010 NR

Kozhikode, Feb.26 (NR): Sukumar Azhikode came up with some serious allegations against Mohanlal during his press conference at Kozhikode yesterday, when he alleged that the actor had snatched away his brother's property.

Azhikode said that a senior officer at the Secretariat had told him that Mohanlal had snatched away brother Pyarelal's property from his wife and child. Azhikode said that actors should have atleast a bit of goodness of the characters that they portray on screen. He was ready to withdraw his statement if proved false.

Mohanlal had said that Azhikode has not written a book after 'Thathwamasi'. Azhikode retaliated by saying that this was because it was such an enormous philosophical document. It is impossible to write books continuously, since writing is different from acting.

Azhikode asked if Mohanlal was doing the kind of characters that were befitting his age. He quoted the example of actor Ashok Kumar as one who had aged gracefully. It was futile for an old man to try to be young again. Azhikode added that we would have to see Mohanlal walking like an old man sooner or later.

The orator's comments turned out to be even more caustic and sarcastic when he referred to an ad in which Mohanlal was seen acting with Hema Malini.

He also compared the actor to a donkey carrying saffron, without knowing what the real value of saffron was. Azhikode was referring to Mohanlal's comments on 'Thathwamasi' and he said that Mohanlal was talking about the book without even having a clue as to what the book was all about.

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