Azhikode's accusations against Mammootty baseless: Ranjith

Feb 21, 2010 NR

Cochin, Feb.21 (NR): Sukumar Azhikode getting involved in the Thilakan controversy seems to have heated up the affairs quite a bit.

Azhikode had recently heavily come down on the superstars, when he said that Mammootty had got a remuneration of five and a half crores for acting in 'Pazhassi Raja', and that Mohanlal was selling off his recognition by appearing in jewelery ads.

Director Ranjith, who has never minced words when expressing an opinion has retaliated with equal strength towards Azhikode's comments.

While interacting with a popular online medium, he stated that Azhikode's accusations against Mammootty are baseless, and that he should get his facts right before he blurts out such statements.

Ranjith rose in defense of Mammootty when he said that he personally had an experience as to how accommodating Mammootty was, when he agreed to do the critically acclaimed 'Palery Manickyam' for a very moderate fee, especially since the actor was convinced of its scope.

Azhikode should not speak of crores merely based on hearsay. He should also reveal the source of his infrmation. Ranjith went on to say that he was willing to take back his comments if either Gokulam Gopalan or Hariharan affirmed that Mammootty had claimed a high remuneration for 'Pazhassi Raja'.

Ranjith also said that he didn't understand the logic behind accusing Mammootty of throwing Thilakan out of 'Christian Brothers'. This was after all a Mohanlal film that was being directed by Joshey. Azhikode was merely backing the statements that Thilakan had been issuing, without realizing what the truth is.

Azhikode, who is a great orator, goes to speak after demanding a fee. Mohanlal and Mammootty do the same for the job that they do; that is acting. There is no use of being jealous about it, Ranjith said.


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