Blessy's beautiful idea to visualize motherhood

Jul 2, 2012 NR

Blessy’s dream of making a movie that showcases conversation between a mother and foetus is now going to be real. His new film with Shweta will go an extra mile by projecting the importance of sharing between a man and a woman during her most important period in her life - during her pregnancy and delivery.

Shweta Menon has given a nod to filmmaker Blessy to make a film highlighting on her various stages of pregnancy (Shweta is more than six months pregnant and still looks fabulous).

Shweta Menon and her husband Sreevalsan Menon has said yes to director Blessy to shoot her maternity period as well as her child birth for his upcoming movie. Speaking about her decision to reveal such a personal side of her life, Shweta Menon said, "The sufferings, every moment a pregnant woman facing should be known by the partner and I am taking this opportunity to make proper use of it to make people aware of a mother's sacrifice. When a woman is carrying, the society treats her like a patient. This is injustice. So both of us are taking this opportunity to oppose this practice of society."

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