Boot and Calcutta News for January

Dec 18, 2007 NR

The Shaji Kailas-directed Suresh Gopi-starrer Boot and the Blessy-directed Dileep-Meera Jasmine-starrer Calcutta News, which were reportedly likely to get released in December, will now come out in January only.

Boot, which was shot in just 22 days as a hush-hush affair, was slated to get released in the first week of December. But owing to many reasons, the prime being that another producer has come up with a claim that the name Boot has already been registered by him, resulting in Shaji Kailas having to think of resolving the issue, the film's release has been put off, till the second week of January. And so, this thriller will thus find its way to the theatres in January, most probably with a new name.

Calcutta News, which has been getting delayed for quite some time, was recently finished and it was even heard that Dileep's Romeo, which was already charted for Christmas, could be put off and Calcutta News released in its place. Anyhow Romeo has hit theatres last Friday and reports say that Blessy and his team are planning to get Calcutta News released on or around January 26th.

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