Boot gets a new name

Dec 23, 2007 NR

The release of the Shaji Kailas-directed film Boot, with Suresh Gopi in the lead, which was shot in just 22 days, has been delayed following another producer coming up with the claim that the name Boot had already been registered by him. The producer, Thajuddin of Highlight Creations, had in fact registered the names Boot as well as The Boot, leaving Shaji Kailas with no option other than changing the name of his production. And hence the film will now be released with Sound of Boot as the title.

Produced and distributed by Pyramid Saimira, the film is a thriller set in the misty mountains and tea-estates of Peerumedu, Kuttikaanam, Mundakkayam and Elappaara. The film is scripted by Rajesh Jayaraman. Sound of Boot is likely to be released by the second week of January.

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