'Cocktail' to set new trends in Malluwood!

Jul 13, 2010 NR

Cochin, July.14 (NR): The shoot of the film 'Cocktail' that stars Jayasurya and Anoop Menon with Samvrutha Sunil has started at Kochi.

Mammootty lighted the lamp at the Pooja function of the film.

'Cocktail' is being directed by Arun Kumar, an editor who has done several Priyadarshan films.

Anoop Menon himself would script the film, and the film would be jointly produced by Anoop and Jayasurya.

'Cocktail' is expected to set a new trend in Malluwood with a distinct pattern of story telling. The film would be shot on locations at Coimbatore and Hyderabad as well. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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