'Cycle' rides ahead of its Malayalam rivals

Mar 5, 2008 Paresh C Palicha

Kochi, March 5 (IANS) Director Johny Antony's "Cycle" is still going strong at the box office and debutant Vineeth Sreenivasan is getting a lot of mileage. There is no competition worth talking about and, therefore, the film will have a smooth ride in the coming weeks.

The top five Malayalam films are:

1. "Cycle" - Writer James Albert and director Johny Antony have made a contemporary film to which the youth could relate. Lead actors Vineeth Sreenivasan and Vinu Mohan are refreshing. The film is a true definition of a youth movie.

2. "Roudram" - Director Renji Panikkar doles out his brand of filmmaking with Mammootty at the helm of affairs. The star plays a police officer who won't bend before the powers-that-be but will bring everyone corrupt to the book. There is the typical topical air to the subject as the director has put in everything that has hogged the headlines over the last few months, which the audience loves.

3. "Sound of Boot" - A Shaji Kailas thriller, starring Suresh Gopi, has the settings changed to 1986 for the sake of novelty. Otherwise, it is the same old thing.

4. "Kadha Parayumbol" - The re-entry of Sreenivasan starrer into the list is prompted by the lacklustre performance of other films at the box office.

5. "College Kumaran" - This film adds itself to the list of flops starring Mohanlal, but remains here as a token due to lack of competition.

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